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RE Learn or just Learn. Come, join RE’s team of awesome Composers to collaborate on new and innovative local cuisine, focusing on sustainability, health & knowledge sharing.

Whether learning the basics, introducing yourself to new foods or mastering techniques, each of our Composers has a unique skillset and knowledge of both food and farm to offer you a cooking experience catered just for you. We will provide a memorable experience and lasting knowledge that you can take with you!

“Buy a person dinner, feed them for a day; learn how to cook with them, feed everyone great food for life”!

For more information on classes please contact relearn@refarmcafe.com


Mushroom Tasting Dinner and Discussion

February 9th, 2020

Discussion will focus on finding, preparing and storing select wild and cultivated mushrooms. We will examine and taste black trumpets, chanterelles, winter chanterelle, blue oyster mushrooms, morels, maitake, lions mane and shiitake mushrooms. There will also be a drawing to win a gift certificate from Smugtown Mushrooms.  

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Turmeric and Ginger Cooking

January 21st, 2020
6:30-8:30 pm

At Windswept Farm, fresh turmeric and ginger grow in abundance. Come learn about the amazing health benefits and the anti inflammatory properties that these roots contain. We will explore different ways to use ginger and turmeric from making tea to cooking with it. This class will involve a lot of discussion, cooking and tastings.

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Meals for a Week

January 26th, 2020

Life can get so busy that we don’t always have time to cook wholesome meals every night. Come and learn how to prepare nutritious family meals for the entire week in just one day!

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Classic Cooking Technique SERIES

February 11th, February 18th, February 25th 2020

A series of 3 HANDS ON classes designed to teach the essentials for both the novice and more experienced home cook. In each class you will learn a new technique, knife skills and proper food handling procedures. One price for all 3 classes! CLASS 1 SAUCES: Tuesday February 11. Learn to make the classic five […]

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Cooking Series for Pre-Teens (10-14)

February 23rd, March 1st 2020

Do you love food and wish you knew more about how to create fabulous dishes? Adventure with us and take home skills you can use to make great food for your family and friends! One price for both classes! CLASS 1 February 23. Learn to be a Chef: Make fresh pasta from scratch and homemade […]

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Corporate Team Outing and Team Building at Re Farm Cafe

Looking for a new and different type of team building activity?

Unite your team and enhance communication in a fun and informative cooking class at RE Farm Café.

Our chef Composers will guide your team in either an “Iron Chef Style Competition”, “A Three Course Team Building Meal,” or a “Cooking for Wellness class.”

Beyond having each other’s back in the kitchen when or where pressure is high, your team will get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Windswept Farm and eat the delicious meal they make together.

Build camaraderie, and promote productivity, while working together and having a great time with your colleagues!