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– 2023 Spring Salad Subscription – 6 weeks (April 26th – May 31st)

From: $90.00

Subscribe now and receive 6 weeks chef-imagined DIY salad kit, enough for 2 large or 4 side salads. *Now available with an optional Soup add-on* Spots are limited so sign up now

Each kit contains a recipe card with instructions, fresh seasonal greens, organic vegetables and other toppings like dried fruit nuts or grains, house-made dressing, and an optional local cheese add-on.

The salads are not a prepared meal service, but instead is designed for those who want to craft their own salads. The contents are rinsed but in their raw state. As good practice the ingredients should be rinsed thoroughly again before consuming.

What to expect in each kit:

  • Fresh, nutritious greens: We’ll mix it up each week with spinach, lettuce varieties, arugula, baby kale, Swiss chard, etc.
  • Vegetables & toppings : radishes, broccolini, turnips, beets, carrots, microgreens, herbs, fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, etc.
  • House-made Dressing: featuring fresh herbs and aromatics
  • (Optional) Cheese add-on: A rotating variety of local cheeses to complement your salad
  • (Optional) One quart of freshly made soup inspired by seasonal produce and our livestock products

Spring subscription runs 6 weeks, 4/26/23 – 5/31/23. Curbside pickup every Wed 4-6pm at the Cafe.


Along with our seasonally inspired salads, now you can also enjoy fresh homemade soup made by our composers using our farm produce and livestock products.

Cost breakdown:

  • 6 Weeks of Farm fresh Salads = $90 ($15 per week)
  • 6 Weeks with Local Cheese add-on = $108 ($18 per week)
  • 6 Weeks Soup & Salads (no Cheese) = $150 ($25 per week)
  • 6 Weeks Soup & Salads with Local Cheese add on = $168 ($28 per week)

With the soup add-on you’ll receive 1 Quart of freshly made soup each week along with the salad kit. Just heat and serve!

*Note: the cheese add on only applies to the salad and the soups may not be vegan or vegetarian