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2023 Windswept Farm CSA Share

Want to support a truly local, regenerative farm that has YOUR health and THE PLANET’S health first and foremost in mind?

Sign up today to become a share member for our 2023 Windswept Farm CSA Program!

Community Supported Agriculture is all about building connection between the farmers and the local community. Our mission is to feed & nourish our local community according to values of sustainability, health, connection and accountability – building a resilient local food system that will serve future generations! We envision a future where neighborhood farms provide for their surrounding communities – conserving natural resources, preserving green space, and providing us with an environment to connect to our food and one another.


We believe in Regenerative Farming – meaning we invest in the soil through the use of organic soil amendments, cover crops, integrated livestock rotations for fertility and carbon sequestration, and all natural pest control. As farmers and land stewards, our actions must preserve and improve the land’s natural resources, including soil, water and air. We follow organic farming principles – free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, instead using organic inputs locally sourced. Our focus is on building healthy soil as the basis for healthy plants that are naturally resistant to pests and disease, and also healthier for you.

Thanks to you, our dedicated CSA members, we can go into the season confident and with our members in mind for all steps of the farm planning process.

Pre-payment also gives us a much needed cash influx right when costly seed purchases must be made for the coming year during the lean winter months. As a share member, you’ll receive regular updates from our farmers that detail the journey of your produce from seed to harvest, along with recipe ideas and tips & tricks for working with different and sometimes unusual vegetables in the kitchen.


For the main season (June-October) CSA members receive a CSA box, or “share” of the harvest. The boxes usually contain 8-10 different things that equal over $36 retail value. Items change with seasonal availability, and should provide for a large portion of your produce needs.

  • Summer crops – tomatoes, eggplant, sweet & hot peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, melons, tomatillos, green beans
  • Salad greens – spinach, lettuce mix, head lettuce, baby kale, arugula, microgreens, specialty greens
  • Roots – potatoes, radishes, beets, carrots, turnips, Celeriac
  • Other – broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, fennel, scallions, onions, winter squash
  • Cooking greens – kale, swiss chard, Bok Choi
  • Herbs – parsley, sage, cilantro, basil, turmeric, garlic

We will make our best effort to have all of these items available for our CSA members at some point in the season, but due to uncontrollable factors such as weather, seasonality, pests & disease we cannot guarantee availability of every item.

CSA Details

How hungry are you? Choose between a weekly or bi-weekly share.

  • Weekly Share – 20 boxes for $750 – Get a box every week from June 7th -October 18th 2023 (20 weeks). Best for larger families and bold vegetable addicts.
  •  Bi-weekly Share – 10 boxes for $375 – Get a box every other week from June 14th – October 18th 2023 (10 weeks). Best for smaller families or vegetable enthusiasts who need a bit more time to use everything up.

Pickup your box


 On Farm: (Weekly or bi-weekly options available)


**This Year we are doing a ‘Market Style‘ pick up where share members would have more produce options., Instead of picking up a prepackaged box YOU get to choose! Not feeling the kale that week? Place it on the exchange table and choose a different item on that table or r choose between swiss chard or a bag of spinach. Pick up a little extra, like a slightly bruised tomato, from our “seconds” table (slightly damaged but perfectly edible produce).


The process should only take five to ten minutes allowing interaction with the farmers, with the options to purchase other products like Windswept honey, eggs, frozen Fasta Pasta, farm raised frozen chicken, ect. Bring your own reusable bags if you wish! Stop by, take a stroll, observe the animals, and load up this week’s haul!


Location: 1000 Fillmore Rd State College (0.5 miles from the State College Airport )

Dates: – Weekly Shares Starting June 7th threw October 18th 2023

-Bi- Weekly Shares  Starting June 14th threw October 18th 2023

Time: *Wednesdays 4-6PM




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Additional information

CSA Options

Bi-weekly Farm Pickup $375, Weekly Farm Pick up $750, Bi-weekly Restek Pickup $375 (Open to the Public)