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– 6 pack Flower Seedling – Perennial Dianthus – Windswept Farm


Perennial. Raised organically in our greenhouse at Windswept. Hardened and ready to go into the garden.

Most dianthus flowers are easy to grow and can thrive in a range of conditions. They bloom best when given plenty of sun, but they don’t like the high heat of mid-summer. Deadheading and some cutting back after the first bloom help to ensure a second bloom later in summer or early in the fall.

The mounding shape and long blooming time of dianthus plants make them welcome additions to the container garden. In garden beds, place dianthus at the front and along borders so you can appreciate their pleasant clove fragrance. Or, add some dianthus plants to a butterfly and hummingbird garden, as the flowers attract both with their nectar.

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