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– 4 pack – Celosia “Cockscomb” – Windswept Farm


Raised organically in our greenhouse at Windswept. Hardened and ready to go into the garden.

Cockscomb is an annual herb that grows to a height of about 3′ tall.  This easy to grown plant makes an excellent cut flower.  It prefers full fun,  rich, moist, well-drained soil but tolerates poor, dry soil.  The stems grow fast but tend to have a weak structure.  The inflorescence absorbs water easily and becomes too heavy for weak stems in tall cultivar selections, causing bending or breakage.  Staking the plants helps.  Regular watering of the root zone is a must as a lack of water will make the leaves appear wilted.  A trend in the green industry to address both of these problems in last few decades has been to select shorter members & move to dwarf selections.

Since inflorescence color does not come from the corolla, inflorescences can be cut, hung to dry, and it retains an attractive color when utilized as dried flowers or in floral arrangements.

This plant tolerates dry porous soils.  Plant it in border fronts, edging, or cut flower gardens.

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