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– 1 lb. Ground Pastured Pork – high fat content (>50%)- Windswept Farm


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This pasture raised Windswept Farm ground pork contain a high fat-meat ratio (over 50%), and is perfect as the base for a stir fry. As you begin cooking the meat, the fat will render out and is the perfect neutral tasting high quality frying base. You can also set aside the rendered fat that is naturally released from the meat during the cooking process for use in your next cooking project – it keeps well at room temperature for several days.

Windswept ground pork is guaranteed to be some best you’ve ever tasted! You can see by the color of the meat that our animals are active and healthy – they enjoy munching on green grass, foraging for acorns and roots, running and playing in the sun and frequent belly rubs. Come visit the farm to see the quality of life that our animals enjoy to feel good about where your food comes from. We rotate our animals through our pastures, giving them access to abundant forage and fresh clean space to run and play.