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Seeing with Nature’s Mind: A Regenerative Retreat October 19-21

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Instructor:  Joel Glanzberg, renowned permaculturist, tracker, and systems thinker

Content:  Interactive session will engage participants in exploring patterns in our bodies, landscape, and our minds. Activities include natural movement, tracking principles, applying living systems principles to work and life, and making fire.  See next page for more detailed description.

Who should attend:  business teams, community leaders, designers, teachers, students

Location:  Moshannon State Forest (20 minute drive from State College)


Friday October 19

  • 3pm Arrive and set up
  • 6pm Introduction, Dinner, and Fire

Saturday October 20

  • Thanksgiving, Natural Movement, Tracking Principles
  • Co-creation of meals

Sunday October 21

  • Reflection and restoration
  • 11am adjourn

All Meals provided

Accommodations: Tent camping.  Limited cabin space is available for small fee.  Please inquire early about private and shared rooms. Space is very limited.


  • Individual: $325
  • 2 people:  $600
  • 3 people or more in a group:  $275 each

More information: Email Jon Nelson at JKN119@psu.edu to receive information on pricing and how to register.

Seeing with Nature’s Mind is a collaborative offering in partnership with Pattern Mind, Windswept Farm and RE Farm Cafe

Patterns are the language of Life, our original mother tongue. They are our window into the workings of living systems. Everything is a living system, from organisms to our organization, ecosystems to economies. Understanding natural living systems helps us see the creative and effective ways to accomplish our work in the world.

Business leaders, community leaders, designers, researchers, students, and anyone seeking to inspire and improve their lives through nature and experience the world in transformational ways will benefit from Seeing with Nature’s Mind.

At this immersive weekend retreat, just 20 minutes from State College, participants will engage with the Central Pennsylvania forest landscape and experience a new level of mindfulness while connecting and engaging with one’s self and others.

Appropriate for all abilities, the retreat will interweave concepts of regenerative design, the power of living systems, working with patterns and much more. Joel Glanzberg, renowned permaculturist, tracker, and systems thinker, will guide the interactive sessions filled with breakthrough discoveries, insights, and renewal.

Exercises exploring the patterns in our bodies, our breath, our communities, organizations, landscapes, and our minds will take participants through techniques of verbal and non-verbal dialogue, movement, and silent observation, teaching visceral ways to experience how living systems work and how to be effective working with them whether they are ecological systems or economic systems, organisms or organizations.

Joel Glanzberg has broad experience in environmental design and ecological restoration projects, particularly in the arid regions of the southwest US and Latin America.  He has also worked extensively in the field of regenerative agriculture. An active author and educator in the fields of permaculture and ecological restoration, he is skilled in cross-cultural communication and teaching.

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