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Composer Chris’s Small Batch Hot Sauces

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Our kitchen composer Chris has created a variety of small batch hot sauces available to you in 4 oz or 8 oz containers. Not all of them are super spicy, but all are intensely full of flavor, so we suggest using them as a garnish or dip. Our options this week are:

  • Hot Sauce #1 – Very spicy! A hot red pepper mix (cayenne, cherry, habanero) using dried chilis from last summer with smoky notes, maple and mustard 
  • Hot Sauce #3 – Medium – A green chili sauce with serrano, poblano and jalapeno, garlic and lime. Contains coconut sugar.
  • Hot Sauce #4 – Very Spicy! Fresh cayenne peppers with apples and pears.
  • Hot Sauce #5 – Mild – Fresh shishitos from this year’s harvest will be the base of Chris’s latest creation


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