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Lamb Shares Available

We are currently taking orders for full and half lamb shares for the 2020 season!

Our lamb, a Katahdin Dorper cross known for its superior tasting lean meat, is 100% pasture raised, rotated through lush fields of grasses, alfalfa, and clover working to regenerate soil, community, and cuisine!

Windswept works with Rising Spring Meat Co. in Spring Mills to process our lambs. They only work with farmers whose animals are well cared for and treated with respect, such as Windswept Farm.

Processing begins late fall, but we can work with you if you are interested in your lamb share sooner.

Please email farmmanager@refarmcafe.com if you have any further questions or are interested in placing an order.

Photo by Abby Drey adrey@centredaily.com

The lamb share can be cut to your liking and we are happy to help you make selections. A typical full lamb share includes:

  • 2 leg shanks
  • 2 shoulder roasts
  • 2 fore shanks
  • 2 hind shanks
  • 2 packages of neck slices
  • 10 loin chops
  • 16 rib chops
  • Ribs
  • 4-5 packages of ground or stew
  • Offal (heart, liver, etc.)


Full share
is about 50 lbs at $ 8.50/lb.

Half share
is about 25 lbs at $ 9.00/lb.

Pick up

Pick up at Windswept Farm, 1000 Fillmore Road, by arranging an appointment with the farm.