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Football Sunday Brunch Menu

Traditional and uniquely delicious dishes made with ingredients from our Windswept Farm and other local growers.

Welcome Plate
Breakfast Bread and Windswept maple butter
Local roast coffee, teas, or seasonal farm beverage

Windswept Eggs
-on braised greens and cheesy grits
-on red flannel pork belly hash
-on farm peppers and green onions, topped with tomatillo salsa and queso (Ranchero style)

Crêpe Choice
-Farm vegetables, candy roaster squash cream
-Beefsteak, Swiss chard, Mushroom, and Fresh Mozzarella with a  balsamic glaze

Apple and Cinnamon with Windswept Honey
Vanilla Cream Braised Pears with Nutella

Brunch Libations $10
Prosecco Mimosa
Roasted Tomatillo and Tomato Bloody Mary
Pear Bellini
Tequila (Mescal) Sunrise